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At my younger age I did not see that having siblings is awesome. Those days I live a life being the only one that is given the full attention.

Whenever I thought weekend, I hate it because of the reason that its family day—siblings day for me. I find them as my rival and great competitor in everything in my so called kingdom. I have with in me that I am the princess, and in my castle I don’t welcome those people who are potentially a threat to me.

But time never failed to make me realize that I have the precious gift since the day they make me their ‘DIDI and ATE’. They’re my life gem. Now that we all grown-ups and have our own choices of life to take, it make me look back of those young days we spent together and start missing those wonderful days.


A life with bhai– though we don’t share a bed time story book and play much when we were kids but the closeness we have inside is not limited like the time we spent together in childhood.  There were times that I felt like I am not dad princess because he exist but he always make me see the bright side on it. You save me to dad’s keen-eye every time I am in trouble. You never failed to defend me until now. When were in our teen life, we less talk with each other but we keep secrets together. Whenever you’re into an emotional confusion to someone, you always seek my opinion. The moment I start dating, you are the first one who knew and met that guy.


A journey having one little sister is challenging but fun. I hate it the most when you share my room and played with my toys—but what to do, you are my younger sister and the ‘baby’ in the family those days. You even make me jealous when everyone in the house find you cute and adorable because it was me who deserve the compliments until the day you arrive in our lives. That little kid presence that given everyone a smile after a long day from work that make me felt I am not needed in the family—but those were the days. Going to college and spent days with our own friends make us realize that were best friends inside, that no one else can take care and love us the way we have for each other. That late night girls talk in our room and the giddy-goody stuffs discussion.

Today’s life is very busy but I remember the old days of childish fight, when we used to have silly arguments. We have lost some of the time but the golden memory will always be with us. The time comes that we’ll start to have our own so called family but it won’t and can’t change the fact that we our siblings and we are family. We do care, love and pissed off each other yet we can’t afford to lose one another. Were always partner in crime.

We may have different way of seeing life and career but it doesn’t stop the chance making me a PROUD DIDI to bro and a PROUD ATE to sissy in every single day of my journey. 






It’s something unusual for a person like me. Yes, it is! It happened too fast that I even forget to take a breath.

It was a day spent just at home doing the usual routine, browsing the internet, watching some documentary shows in tv, preparing my food in between and exchanging sms with friends.

I have my mobile as if it’s life support for me, been using it for quite sometimes and believe it or not I use it for exchanging sms and talking to friends and family, other than that I only installed one game and two commu-apps (viber&whatsapp). I wasn’t born yesterday, it just that I don’t like putting things in my mobile that I don’t usually use or necessary until that day— I installed a kind of apps where stranger come to know each other in a matter of seconds.


I was updating something in my mobile and that certain apps pop-up in screen, it doesn’t ring a bell with me but it ignited my curiosity and it reached to peak point that I have to just download and installed it. The next thing is I exchanged messages to unknown people and killed my time with them. Few minutes talking with them I felt bored but when I’m about to sign out, here is this one person that caught my attention by name— not the name that I usually hear in my life, it’s something unique that made me to distract that person attention by a msg. He is a stranger, not just a plain stranger but also a snob one. I came to his profile and its very limited, even he have pictures but not also that clear—so I was thinking what’s with this stranger that I have to send to messages and it took a while for a reply.


So, here’s what happened—that moment he replied with me, I took the chance to start talking with him and bring up some questions to have conversation, and I succeed.  That first conversation took for more than an hour. In the long run it feels like a routine to talk with him until we exchanged numbers and go back in an old fashioned way—the txting. But sms doesn’t satisfy me so I had to add him in my other commu-apps. Every time we have the chance to talk, we grabbed it (I grabbed it without any second thought). We do exchange pictures, sleepy, tipsy and lazy pics even.


And here’s the catch, she feel giddy, good, happy and laugh a lot with every conversation.

She even had a late night coffee to hold her sleepy head just to talk with him. lol

She even did the research what his catchy name means—and she found out this in the list


  • His first name of ….  make him extremely generous.
  • He has a bubbling, spontaneous nature and a happy-go-lucky outlook which helps smooth the pathway of life.
  • Also he is sympathetic to the needs of others.
  • Interested in art, music, singing, dancing, and anything of an artistic nature, he could become a very fine performer.
  • He is spontaneous expression stands him in good stead during arguments or debates, though he is perhaps too outspoken and inclined to sarcasm.
  • A very real weakness of this name is lack of system and order.
  • The use of this name makes it extremely difficult to carry through and finish the things he starts.
  • It is easy to make promises in an effort to make others happy, although not so easy to keep them.
  • He spends his money recklessly, seldom reckoning whether he can afford to be so generous.

And he’s real name means he is POLITE and HUMBLE. 



We are dealing with the so called journey of life. Every single day that God given to us, we are bless to start the day with the routine waking up in the morning and look forward how to spend the day, some occupied 8-10 hours working, other filled their day at school learning academic things, and certain people passed just at home, but whatever make our day it doesn’t matter as we all look forward to call it a day to just go home and relax.

As a part of the whole journey we encountered people with different outlook in life. We may meet strangers that we never expect to play particular roles in our lives. Those may be who we start connection with. It might be a good or bad relationship but it doesn’t fail to leave a lesson to absorb.

Most likely we tend to build a relationship with the basis that we like what we see in that person, we entrust, respect and feel comfortable. But we can’t deny the fact that maintaining a relationship is hard thing to do, it’s very impossible to handle something perfectly like on how it started until the passage of time.

Life changes relationship and so doe’s time. Because of that different priority, being busy and less time availability driven changes in our relationship. Life is always a result of the choices we make, a single decision may result a significant changes.

Change is a shadow of time in a relationship. As time goes by formality in some relationship is vanish, we go beyond the limit and borders of the relationship because of our confidence. We sometimes neglect the importance of relationship, and we forget to appreciate it.



There’s no coincidence, thing happens with a purpose and reason, little as it maybe. If you bump a total stranger in a middle of a busy street, it’s not an accident. The purpose might be to divert his/her attention to each other.

Feeling sometimes can be complicated and confusing but everyone dreamed of love and to be love. Love is wonderful and falling in love is amazing thing that happened in someone’s life. You don’t rush headlong into love with your eyes wide shut, it takes time to know and confirm yourself about the feeling you have inside towards someone.

Does soul mate sounds familiar to you? Well, who doesn’t? Each one of us believes that we have our own soul mate. The only way to find it is to open your heart and let someone came in. You’ll meet that one person that make you feel as if you’ve known him/her over the centuries even though you just met.  That entwined the emotions of he has waited to find you as you have waited for him. There will be that tender feeling s in the first moments of greeting. That you are not blinded by love, your eyes is fully open with the possibilities of having a life with that person.

French people call it un coup de foudre (a bolt of lightning), some preferred to call it love at first sight, and that’s what we believe that the meeting of two-souls that is meant to be, that’s SOULMATES. There’s always that one missing part of your puzzle that exactly fit in to make the puzzle complete.  Sometimes we think that our life is complete already but only to find out when that one person came in to the picture— everything goes smoothly and feel great. Then one day we woke up that person make us complete and define happiness.

Luck doesn’t favor to everyone to find their soul mates. Some settle to someone they think they can get along together and consider it as their soul mates, and make effort to live happily with the partner they choose. I always think that we can connect our time with others, but our heart and mind longed for the person who completes us.


Seven billion people living on earth, do you think I have the ‘one’ for me? The world is too big, crowded and hard to find that someone for me. But I still like to cling with the idea that each and every one of us has the ‘one’ that totally fit as the missing piece of our puzzle.

Despite of the facts that most of the good ones are taken; there are some people who have serious psychological issues, few weirdoes, the bastards and the guys in fashions I am working to find my magic man.  Where is the one?  Hmp! I am thinking of making a checklist for myself.

Here’s the list:

1.       A man with accent. The one who comes with brand

2.       Girls like flowers, who doesn’t? The one who love sending flowers

3.       Whom who love planning things even the smallest details

4.       Travel to exotic locations on a whim

5.       He should be a man instead of being a guy

6.       Can talk anything with sense and man who wear glasses

This is just a few things in my list, there are some to mention but I only pick those highlighted things. In my everyday life I met some potential magic man but most of them are far from what I have in list. Exchanging hi and hello that led to casual talks. There are few acquaintances that end up sitting and pampering our taste buds in good restaurant in the metro. Catching up with some for a cup of coffee that is sort of a date, but none of those meetings make me say and think that I found my magic man.

What really happened may not a happy ending but love doesn’t happen to me, I build my hopes on an intricate of day dreams. The fact is that everyone has issues and maybe constructing up a fake perfect man in my mind was my biggest issue of all. I’ve been walking around with the ghost of my magic man. He’s been haunting me, keeping me from a world of opportunities that were right in front of me, putting a wall for myself that block the good person to take place in me. And I am awake now with the reality that there’s no such thing as perfection. Love is for people who are realistic and smart enough to open up their heart and minds and to realize that a real relationship is the ultimate fantasy.

 I’ve shaken off the shadow of my ideal perfect magic man, and starting finding myself.

And whammo! I have this man with me, the one who care and love me that I appreciate the most. One thing is growing between the relationship with me and him is love.



There are times that I ponder things about life and I always end up in the conclusion that life is about learning and growing. No one exists as perfect because nobody is. We tend to commit mistake along the journey of life. Most of us hit the books from our own experience, some learn from others.

In most cases some of us do not learn from his/her mistakes unless the consequences and reality slapped us in face. Middle-of-the-road scenarios we keep complaining things why we need to deal with circumstances more than once yet we cling on doing the same mistakes. Instead of wasting our energy in complaining why don’t we try to exert effort to take action and change what’s bothering us.

Things that I wished I learned before:

I should put myself first not that others. Sounds selfish and self-centered but I rather to think this way instead of giving a chance to those people who’ll take advantage of me. Besides I believe the old cliché ‘’love yourself before you can love others’’.

Being me is a good idea. I should stand proudly in the crowd being myself.  There’s no wrong in adapting if it’s necessary but not to the extent that I have to forget myself for whom I am by pleasing others.

I should not be afraid to fail. Failure is something not to be afraid of. If I don’t experience failure then how can I identify its success I am enjoying now? If I don’t fail, then I’m playing safe, myself is being complacent, and the lack of failure is failure in itself. Following your dream is worth to take the risk but we should know to calculate the limit of the risk that we’ll take.

Examine the glass if it’s half empty or a half full. Whatever way you look at, it is how it is. In every situation it can be seen in two different ways, it’s either you’ll look at it in positive or negative side.

There is no such thing as free. We heard not just once about the free education, free lunch and free medical treatments—they are just said to fancy us, it’s a trick. They don’t come for free as there is always something that attached to it.

Easy success doesn’t exist. To get your success you’ve to prepare yourself for a lot of hard work in creating your success.

Forget the fairytale happily ever after ending. Reality shows that it’s not everything have a happy finale. In life you can meet accident in a sudden, you’ll lose money and even you’ll lose the one you love the most in a blink of your eyes. But don’t let this things hold you to keep going. Life consist two-important words, GO ON!

There’s always someone better than you in everything and when situation doesn’t favor you, think that there’s always a better next time.

Evaluate and be cautious with your ego—because it is sometimes a downfall. Ego is a nasty thing. It may allow the little arrogance and over confidence within us to grow and will led to stupidity.

I should not play safe in my life instead I need to play like I am not losing something, just struggling to win. I should work everything in smart way with a collaboration of hardship.


What is long distance relationship or commonly heard and known as LDR? By the word itself we can define it, and yes like others I can say that LDR is a commitment of two persons that is bind with love to each other despites of the miles that separate them physically yet they are still emotionally connected to one another.

In this era, being in a long distance relationship is not new to us; it is not just yesterday words that people talk about. In every corner, we heard different stories— some are dealing with the circumstances being a part to one another for the reason that the partner need to pursue career, other keep struggling to maintain the spark of being away with their love ones because they’re building a long distance relationship and just waiting for the moment to be together in some ways.


This famous quotes inspired me about long distance relationship, ‘’it doesn’t matter if where you are, if you’ve found love, DISTANCE doesn’t matter. Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for memories span the miles and in seconds that we are far.’’ In love loving doesn’t see any boundaries.

Certain things that help in dealing long distance relationship, of course in every form of relationship either its LDR or you are in same comfort zone, TRUST is important. You have to trust your partner, don’t let DOUBT take in. Relationship must build on UNDERSTANDING and DETERMINATION to make it work. Be OPEN to each other, be HONEST and SET PARAMETER of the relationship; make sure that you two are clear on what you have.

You can do these things in the long run of the relationship, DATING ON SKYPE video call, ECHANGING SMS and EMAIL everyday as often as possible. Getting touch with one another is important, keeping posted to each other whereabouts and whatabouts. DO THINGS TOGETHER like watching movies simultaneously and talk about the movie after. PURSUE COMMON INTEREST even doing it apart takes time in each other kitchen and explores new recipes to talk afterwards and be a taste buddies when you’ll catch up. TALK ABOUT YOUR FUTURE TOGETHER; make oneself a part of the planning. VISIT OFTENLY aside from the busy time you have at work, catching up each other as often as you can, as your budgets permit you to. Relationship cannot bloom if the only thing you have is the online communication to see each other, you need to cuddle each other close in every chance you get. And lastly BE POSITIVE and don’t focus on the negative aspect of a long distance relationship. It’s essential keeping your relationship grows even you’re not physically together.