Feelings change – memories don't.


They say that every gambler has their hands down on the deck, prepared to give up anything and win everything.  A gambler is a lot like a woman in love, willing to bring all cards on the table to turn the stroke of luck on their side. Yet when it comes to matters of the heart, everything we have is nothing else but a bargaining chip that is used to bet against destiny and time. How far can we gamble what we have for a certain relationship in which we do not know what comes tomorrow? And are we ready to give up everything to turn the tables of destiny?


Most risk takers believe that chances only favors for those who are mentally prepared. However when we turn to the aspect of gambling our personal identities for a relationship, it has gone off the borderline of what is logical and irrational, making all our decisions and choices to be fragile or even worse, futile.  The shroud that clouds our rational thinking on everything has been one of our key weaknesses against time and destiny on the other side of the table. With our logical senses being dismembered, we turn to our feelings and intuitions to continue all along our gamble for our relationship.
Piece by piece, time collects its bounty from what we placed as a bet on the table. Our relationship has been permitted by time to continue, yet here we are struggling with bargaining chips barely left to spare to play along the game.  Nonetheless, we women are fine with it as long as we have been able to keep up and made what we think is better for our relationships. Yet when we see that we lose everything that we have for our relationship, we wake up and ask ourselves if how long we should keep this up.
We learn to compromise on things that we know can be sacrificed, yet we should always remember to invest to ourselves prior to give up anything. In the first place, we cannot give what we do not have and therefore, we should always put ourselves first before anything else. Time and destiny can be our greatest enemies at the table, but if we are prepping up with the necessities, we can surely beat them with a game called “The Gamble for Love”.

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