Feelings change – memories don't.



We are dealing with the so called journey of life. Every single day that God given to us, we are bless to start the day with the routine waking up in the morning and look forward how to spend the day, some occupied 8-10 hours working, other filled their day at school learning academic things, and certain people passed just at home, but whatever make our day it doesn’t matter as we all look forward to call it a day to just go home and relax.

As a part of the whole journey we encountered people with different outlook in life. We may meet strangers that we never expect to play particular roles in our lives. Those may be who we start connection with. It might be a good or bad relationship but it doesn’t fail to leave a lesson to absorb.

Most likely we tend to build a relationship with the basis that we like what we see in that person, we entrust, respect and feel comfortable. But we can’t deny the fact that maintaining a relationship is hard thing to do, it’s very impossible to handle something perfectly like on how it started until the passage of time.

Life changes relationship and so doe’s time. Because of that different priority, being busy and less time availability driven changes in our relationship. Life is always a result of the choices we make, a single decision may result a significant changes.

Change is a shadow of time in a relationship. As time goes by formality in some relationship is vanish, we go beyond the limit and borders of the relationship because of our confidence. We sometimes neglect the importance of relationship, and we forget to appreciate it.


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