Feelings change – memories don't.

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There’s no coincidence, thing happens with a purpose and reason, little as it maybe. If you bump a total stranger in a middle of a busy street, it’s not an accident. The purpose might be to divert his/her attention to each other.

Feeling sometimes can be complicated and confusing but everyone dreamed of love and to be love. Love is wonderful and falling in love is amazing thing that happened in someone’s life. You don’t rush headlong into love with your eyes wide shut, it takes time to know and confirm yourself about the feeling you have inside towards someone.

Does soul mate sounds familiar to you? Well, who doesn’t? Each one of us believes that we have our own soul mate. The only way to find it is to open your heart and let someone came in. You’ll meet that one person that make you feel as if you’ve known him/her over the centuries even though you just met.  That entwined the emotions of he has waited to find you as you have waited for him. There will be that tender feeling s in the first moments of greeting. That you are not blinded by love, your eyes is fully open with the possibilities of having a life with that person.

French people call it un coup de foudre (a bolt of lightning), some preferred to call it love at first sight, and that’s what we believe that the meeting of two-souls that is meant to be, that’s SOULMATES. There’s always that one missing part of your puzzle that exactly fit in to make the puzzle complete.  Sometimes we think that our life is complete already but only to find out when that one person came in to the picture— everything goes smoothly and feel great. Then one day we woke up that person make us complete and define happiness.

Luck doesn’t favor to everyone to find their soul mates. Some settle to someone they think they can get along together and consider it as their soul mates, and make effort to live happily with the partner they choose. I always think that we can connect our time with others, but our heart and mind longed for the person who completes us.